Training people to work at the peak of their potential

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We specialise in interpersonal and communication skills training and consultancy. We’re in the business of helping your business grow by training people to work at the peak of their potential.
Our workshops are tailored to match your corporate objectives and the individual needs of course participants – so making best use of your organisational time and budget.

No matter where you have identified a need – at graduate, team leader, manager or board level – our specialists design and deliver to meet it. 

Simply start by clicking on one of the categories below which will take you to a range of proven core programmes. Then please contact us on 0131 620 0157 or use the Contact us form.


Communication is the life blood of any organisation. It pays to get it right! However, when problems arise, an external consultant can provide the perspective and expertise needed. Call or email us without obligation.


Manage yourself, your time, other people – and know when to become a leader rather than a manager.


Changing behaviour patterns can produce spectacular results. Improve your effectiveness, productivity, relationships... 

Team Development

Teams shift and flex. Harness their collective people power to achieve goals and raise the benchmark.

Presentation & Sales

Winning people to your point of view is a pre-requisite for success.  Everyone in business needs good presentation skills: decide here how far you want to go. 

Written Word

Writing is a 'background skill' - vital for general communication, essential for report writing and publication. If you're not clear on some of the 'nuts and bolts', our training will help.